Communication is a skill we should all master

This might seem obvious at first as surely everyone can communicate adequately? I think the important word here is ‘adequately’. By refining our communication skills and actually practicing something that we routinely take for granted we can become great communicators. The first thing to realise about communication is that you need to complete the communication feedback loop. This is something a...

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Where is my Client at?

behaviour change, decisional balance, stages of change

What I mean by this title is ‘what stage of the change process is your client sitting at’. When people make a behaviour change the stages of change model (Prochaska and DiClemente) suggests that they go through various stages before successfully achieving the desired behaviour change. My research has highlighted that clients will employ a personal trainer (PT) even if...

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Decisional Balance

Decisional Balance or Sitting on the Fence When you make any decision in life you weigh up the pros and cons of the situation. The pros are all the things that you perceive as favourable, and thus supporting the decision. The cons are the downside and that you perceive as unfavourable, thus against the decision. This process is known as...

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