New Behaviour Change Course Launched

MI & Behaviour Change

I am really pleased to announce that the new behaviour change course is now launched and ready for booking. I am launching this course in collaboration with FutureFit Training Ltd. We have spent the last ten months upgrading systems and recording the latest content in the field of behaviour change. There are two components to the course.

  1. E-Learning covering all the latest theory and psychological models in behaviour change. This also includes sections on how to use psychometric testing with clients. How to score and interpret these tests and also how to use them as a client retention tool.
  2. The taught one-day workshop covers motivational interviewing and communication and its application for behaviour change. I will teach all workshops and they will include a large practical element to enable you to refine these skills.

The following video will talk you through (briefly) what to expect from the course.
For further information and to book a course click this link