Due to my retirement from teaching at the end of March 2024 I have now discounted this course by 50%. This will allow me to properly support any student on the course up until this date. Take advantage of this offer whilst I am still supporting the course.

Applied Nutrition & Supplementation

With increasing leisure time available to individuals and a greater awareness of the need to become physically active the interest in activity and nutrition is bound to increase.

Trainers/coaches should certainly encourage their clients to change their dietary habits to encompass recognised and evidence based healthy eating guidelines. In order to be able to achieve this the trainer/coach needs to have a sound understanding of the fundamental principles of nutrition. This includes the physiology and biochemistry that impacts sound nutritional/dietary choices. Along with this understanding they need to be able to analyse the clients nutritional intake to see where adjustments can be achieved.

The course runs over twelve modules. Each Module contains a pre-recorded lecture(approximately 1.5hrs long) available to students online. 

Questions that arise from the lectures can be directed to Dr. Mendoza for clarification and explanation.

The course will include a 350 page online manual. The manual is fully referenced with over 760 references included. 

This course is based on Dr. Mendoza’s doctoral research. All PT’s that participated in this research were trained in nutrition. They successfully delivered weight management programmes on completion of their training.

All students will receive all the necessary materials required to run the L.E.A.N (Lifestyle Education for Activity & Nutrition) system.
This is the weight management system used in Dr. Mendoza’s research.

By the end of the course students will be able to:

  • Understand the biochemistry, digestion and absorption of the macronutrients.
  • Explain the different energy pathways utilised by the body during exercise
  • Fully understand the energy pathways that utilise CHO during exercise
  • Provide accurate and evidence based advice about the CHO requirements for pre/during/post exercise training and for good health
  • Have a sound understanding of the energy pathways that utilise fat during exercise and how these can be optimised. This will include the theory behind fat burning supplements and an awareness of the current evidence both for and against.
  • Provide accurate and evidence based advice about the fat requirements for pre/during/post exercise training and for good health
  • Understand the energy pathways that utilise protein during exercise and the role of protein in development of lean body mass
  • Be able to provide accurate, evidence based advice regarding protein requirements for training and for maintaining optimum health.
  • Explain the role of fluids and electrolytes in sporting performance
  • Have a good knowledge of the role of micronutrients in maintaining health and fuelling exercise.
  • Understand how to design a diet so that the combination of foods provides the correct balance of the required macro and micro nutrients.
  • Be able to assess the effectiveness and safety of supplements currently available to the general public using peer reviewed evidence
  • Explain the fundamental changes that occur in different geographical and climatic extremes and the nutritional challenges faced by the travelling athletes
  • Understand and be able to explain the pros and cons of different dietary regimes. Including vegetarian and vegan diets as well as some of the more popular FAD diets.