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The Art And Science Of Changing NO-Ciception To YES-Iception

DermoNeuroModulating, or -tion, is a structured, interactive explanatory model for manual therapy that considers the nervous system of the patient from skin cell to sense of self.

Techniques are slow, light, kind, intelligent, responsive and effective. Positioning of limbs and trunk affects deeper nerve trunks (by shortening and widening their container), and is combined with skin stretch directed toward cutaneous fields of nerves that branch outward into skin (which may draw neural structure further through its container).
It is prudent to remember that manual handling of a patient’s physicality is only a small part of developing a complete therapeutic context for change – while optional, it can also be optimal.

2 Day - Hands On Practical Workshop

Day One

9.15am – 9.30am – Registration
9.30am – 12pm – Nerves of the foot and leg
1pm – 2.30pm – Nerves of the thigh
2.30pm – 4.30pm – Nerves of the pelvis

Day Two

9.15am – 9.30am Recap of Day one
9.30am – 12pm – Nerves of the lower back
1pm – 2.30pm – Nerves of the neck
2.30pm – 4.30pm – Nerves of the arms

The entire two days will be practical, you will get plenty of time to map out the cutaneous nerves and practice implementing the explanatory model of DNM with manual therapy. 

Tutor - Daniel Williams

Daniel – The MVMNT Therapist, is an MSK Therapist / Strength Coach in Harborne. Having started his journey as a Personal Trainer when he was 18, he strived to find the best courses and people to learn from doing multiple CPD and Diplomas in many areas including Biomechanics Coaching, the Movement Therapy Diploma, Load Management, S&C for Therapists, Motivational Interviewing, DNM and many more.

 He has had the pleasure of working with a wide range of people including the Disabled, Sedentary as well as Professional Athletes. However, due to nature of what we do at Movement Therapy Clinics and the multifaceted approach with up to date, evidenced principles and programming we have had a lot of people come to us as a last resort, having tried many other available avenues available to them. Among these people there seems to be a growing amount of patients with chronic pain and neurological conditions, especially in recent years.

Some of the conditions that Daniel’s clients have suffered with while they were working together include Chronic Fatigue and Post Viral Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Chronic/Persistent Pain, Chronic Tendinopathies, Functional Neurological Disorder, Depression and Anxiety to name a few.

Upcoming Workshops

Glasgow, UK - 14/15 Sept 2024

The Wellbeing Hub, 14 Rogart Street, Glasgow, G40 2AA

Birmingham, UK - 28/29 Sept 2024

Aesthetic Fitness Recovery, 24a The Lanes Shopping Centre, Sutton Coldfield, B72 1YJ

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Daniel is happy to travel to put on workshops in your area if you have a venue available click on the link below to arrange a meeting

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