Effective Coaching Skills for Behaviour Change

As a coach/trainer/nutritionist/therapist, being able to help your clients achieve a behaviour change is central to everything you do. Although only the client can make the change, the way you work with a client will decide how successful you will be. This FREE webinar considers the coaching skills you require.

Coaching a client is a skill in itself. Once you have obtained the expertise in whatever discipline you specialise in you now need to develop your coaching skills. This webinar will consider the skill set required and also provide some techniques for developing these skills.

Whether you are an experienced coach/therapist/ nutritionist or just starting out you can always enhance your skill set. Developing as a coach is an ongoing process and this webinar will help you further develop your coaching skills.

The link to download the Barrett-Lennard Relationship Inventory: Form – Me to Other – used to measure empathy, is provided below

The link to download the Barrett-Lennard Relationship Inventory: Mini – used to measure Positive regard, is provided below

If having watched the webinar you want to develop you interpersonal coaching skills please take a look at the upcoming mentoring workshop designed specifically with this in mind. link below:

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