Dr. Gary Mendoza's
Introduction to Behaviour Change Workshop

behaviour change techniques

This workshop, by Dr. Gary Mendoza is designed to give therapists / trainers / coaches / nutritionists a basic understanding of some of the key principals involved in behaviour change techniques.

By understanding these key principals, you can start to improve the behaviour change outcomes your clients will achieve. Ultimately this will lead to better results for your clients and improve your client retention rate.

If you have ever wondered where to start with understanding behaviour change and the theory of planned behavior, this workshop will get you on the right track. This workshop costs just £25.

The workshop consists of three modules each approximately 40 mins long. As well as explaining the basic psychological theories behind behaviour change techniques there are also some practical tools you can use to help your client’s make a lifestyle change.

It’s all about you. How you impact a clients change.
Behaviour change starts with you. Do you need to change? Learn how to use the drama triangle. What is your righting reflex? Why is it important to respect your client's autonomy? Why is developing empathy important for a trainer?
Psychological models of behaviour change
The behaviour change wheel. The COM-B model and how to use this as an assessment tool. Self-determination theory
Resources for helping clients change
Using the change square grid. What is the Habit loop? How to utilise will power effectively

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