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This will be the final workshop that I will teach before I retire from teaching.

The introduction to behaviour change and advanced behaviour change workshops (both E-learning format) can still be purchased. See the button below.

Why do I need to do this workshop?

The final motivational interviewing techniques (MI) workshop will teach you how to enhance your client engagement. This will improve your business by increasing your ability to attract and convert prospective clients from initial first contact. It will also enhance client retention as you will be able to monitor your clients progress (from a psychological perspective) and most importantly understand what actions to take if a client is starting to relapse and will possibly leave your programme. The average client is most probably worth several thousands of pounds per year to a trainer, can you afford to lose this much?

You will also be able to assist clients with other lifestyle behavioural changes such as those required for exercise adherence, smoking cessation.  This important counselling skill (MI) has been incorporated into the behaviour change workshop to enable trainers to guide clients who are ambivalent about lifestyle change (sitting on the fence) and help them take the next step.

What is motivational interviewing?

Successful programmes require three key components. 

  • Nutrition education & support
  • Activity and/or exercise advice 
  • behavioural/lifestyle change & habit formation.

If ONE component is missing then the chances of achieving long-term, permanent weight-loss are very low.

If a client is not in the correct stage of change they will ultimately not succeed in a programme. Working with a client who is unsure or carries self-doubt is a difficult task, but there are researched, effective and simple techniques to build your clients self-efficacy, confidence and knowledge, making your job and their success come far easier.

Resolving to become fitter or lose weight means making a change in one’s personal lifestyle. Change can be difficult and often the psychological impact is underestimated. Many individuals fall by the wayside, however well-intentioned they may be. That is why it is so important to have a good understanding of the psychological aspects of change if you want to be able to give advice to clients in the areas of personal training and nutrition.

Motivational interviewing techniques

The online (live) workshop is made up of four modules
delivered over three weeks.

motivational interviewing techniques


This first module is the longest of the four and last approximately three hours.

We look at why behaviour change is so complex. Then consider how and where the stages of change and transtheoretical models tie into this.
We then look at the different style of communication used in motivational Interviewing techniques (MI) and why this is effective. Then moving to understanding what the righting reflex is and the different styles of offering information to clients.

We start to develop active listening skills and consider the possible benefits in terms of the client/coach working relationship. Students will be able to explain the different definitions of MI and what the underlying spirit of MI entails.

Now we can work on the four foundational principles of MI.
All the above are supported with group practice throughout the module.

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motivational interviewing techniques


The second module builds on skills learnt in the last module and is approximately two hours long.

We start module two by reviewing the homework assignment. Now we will now look at the acronym the acronym OARS: Open questions, Affirmations, Reflections, Summarise, as it is applied in MI.

We’ll consider the use of open and closed questions as well as affirmations and summaries is considered. The practice allows the students to demonstrate the use of OARS.

The four fundamental processes of MI are reviewed and then focusing, agenda mapping and formulation are explained. These different techniques for gaining focus are considered and demonstrated.

How to add structure to your consultation is demonstrated so your consultation doesn’t become just a cosy chat.
Finally, in this module we start to consider how to identify the different types of change talk a client may use.

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motivational interviewing techniques


The third module builds on skills learnt in the last two modules and is approximately two hours long.

This module starts by reviewing the previous weeks homework assignment. We now look at recognising change talk and responding to it. Students practice these skills in groups of two or three.

Developing the skills from the previous two modules we now look at how you can snatch change talk from the jaws of ambivalence is worked on.

Finally, students are taught how to use summaries to collect change talk and how to evoke change talk. This is an important aspect of the MI skill set as this is what ultimately will help a client make a change in their life.

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motivational interviewing techniques


The final module builds on all the skills learnt during the workshop and is approximately two hours long.

This module starts by reviewing the previous weeks homework assignment.

By now students can now recognise sustain talk and discord. We consider the best way to deal with both in an MI consistent manner. Further practice sessions then cements these skills.

Students are now shown how to evoke confidence talk from clients, recognise readiness to change and when it is appropriate to move into the planning phase.
It is important for students to understand when it is appropriate to offer advice and how this should be done so as they are being MI consistent.

The final practices in this module bring together all the skills learnt over the previous modules. This gives the students the confidence to start offering consultations that will incorporate the techniques skills and get better results for their clients.

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As part of the workshop on motivational interviewing techniques you will also receive the newly written workshop manual (in E-book format – PDF). You can purchase a spiral bound copy should you want this. Just add this to your basket when purchasing the workshop. The 20,000+ words manual is evidence based and fully referenced.

Workshop Delivery

There will only be twelve students on each workshop to allow for the required levels of interaction and practical practice. 

The workshop is delivered live online by Dr Gary Mendoza.  This will be the last workshop that Dr Mendoza will deliver before he retires from teaching.

The modules are very interactive and practical with all content explained and demonstrated. All modules are delivered via zoom to take advantage of the breakout room functionality this possesses. Students will learn and practice the basic techniques of motivational interviewing. The workshop includes a lot of ‘real play’ which offers participants the opportunity to work on their own problems (Be these business or personal) throughout.

On completion of each module homework will be assigned. The homework acts as an ongoing assessment throughout the workshop. Students will record videos of themselves working with a client. These videos will demonstrate the skills learnt in the module. The assessment is a prerequisite for the certification.

This workshop has been externally assessed by the Association for Nutrition (AfN) and approved for certification.

The AfN assessor made the following comments: 

This training will particularly help those who are working with individuals and small groups to assist them in making realistic and achievable changes to their dietary and lifestyle behaviours. This training is a good option for those looking to undertake CPD in respect to Core Competency 3 (Behaviour change) and for those who are looking to move into one-to-one practice.

On completion of the workshop students will possess a toolbox of techniques they can apply to initiate behaviour change, run a successful weight-loss programme and most importantly retain clients. All techniques are based on evidence-based research. The workshop manual that accompanies the workshop is fully referenced and contains all practice exercises used in the workshop. Due to the very interactive nature of the workshop student numbers will be limited to  twelve to allow the required interaction and practice. 

Students that have attended the One-day workshops include

Personal trainers wanting to improve their client recruitment and client retention 

Registered Nutritionist’s involved in delivering weight loss programmes

Dietitians running weight loss programmes

Practice nurses running weight-loss programmes in GP surgeries

Individuals interested in weight loss and where they are personally in the change cycle

Therapists wanting to achieve better results with their clients

MacKenzie Baker

Deena Elizabeth

Luke Williams

What do my clients have to say

what is motivational interviewing? - cliant testimony

Chris Laing Personal trainer

I’ve known Gary for many years and previously did his nutrition course. I was instantly impressed as the information in the manual was like nothing I had seen before. There were so many references and extra learning. So the opportunity to sign up to another of his courses was too good to turn down. As expected, the MI course was well referenced and lots of further learning in the manual. It was a clear and concise method of being able to move someone forward a few steps forward from having an idea and putting it into action. It also helps people with any ambiguity they are experiencing. For me, it’s the missing link for getting clients to not only take action, but to stay on course. I’ve since been putting it into practice and i’ve managed to sign up a client, just by using a few techniques on the course, without actually trying to offer my services as a solution. If you are someone who just likes to tell someone what to do, don’t do this course. If you want to uncover the deeper rationale into getting people to take action and stay on course, then this course is a must. 

Andy Payne, Director at Three Pillars of Fitness Personal Training

An awesome course with Gary, we all know that one of the greatest challenges with behaviour change is to create motivation. The stuff that I learnt about questioning and reflection is “gold” when it comes to a coaching relationship and allows a real alliance to be formed. If you want to learn to facilitate change on your clients terms then you must do at least level 1 in Behaviour Change and Motivational interviewing. It’s a game changer. Thanks Gary!

Chris Bundell, Lead coach at SC Vital Fitness personal training gym.

I completed this course around 2 years ago, and have applied it across areas far more reaching than just my coaching career. Invaluable.

Mandy Wong Oultram, Personal Trainer/Nutrition Consultant at FlexFit:

“Highly recommend this workshop for anyone considering it! I went to one of Gary’s MI workshop 2 years ago and it’s been a complete game changer for me. I went from struggling to convert prospects into clients to filling my diary. I became so much better converting at consultations, my clients retention and referral rate also went up. I’m so much a better communicator inside and outside the gym now. Definitely one of the best investments I’ve made was attending this course. If you are thinking about it, go for it!”

What is Motivational Interviewing?

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