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Dr. Gary Mendoza’s Advanced Behaviour Change (ABC) Strategy (E-Learning Course) is designed to teach coaches and trainers new psychological skills and techniques to enhance a client’s chances of achieving a lifestyle behavioural change. Learning these new skills should be the goal of all good coaches/trainers.


There is a wealth of research that has studied the combination of motivational Interviewing (MI) and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). The first challenge with merging the two techniques is to have a sufficient understanding of each. The behaviour change and MI workshop will provide the required level of MI skills. The Advanced Behaviour Change workshop is designed to demonstrate the aspects of CBT that can be combined with MI in such a way that coaches will achieve a positive lifestyle change with their clients.

Another pre-requisite for combining the two techniques is the coach’s willingness to perhaps let previously used techniques go and be open to learning and trying something new. Magill et al (2018) found that a willingness to learn was important in how well new techniques were delivered when combing MI and CBT.

Are you ready to learn some new techniques and take your coaching to the next level?

The workshop will provide:

  • Tools for assessing client’s change journey
  • An in-depth consideration of goal setting with new techniques to enhance this
  • Tools for establishing better habits and consideration of the use of willpower
  • How to use the REBT and ABC models used in CBT
  • Understanding positive selfishness and when to use it.
  • Understanding how to use agenda mapping and formulation

All students will have access to a sixty page, fully referenced manual (PDF format) to support the workshop content. If you want a ring-bound, hard copy of the manual this can be purchased separately.

On conclusion of the workshop students will have a clear understanding of how to plan their client’s behaviour change journey. The new Action Behaviour Change Strategy workshop will provide you with the tools and techniques to give your clients and you a road map for achieving a lifestyle behaviour change.

This workshop is now being delivered in E-learning format with five separate modules for each topic and practical exercise to complete at the end of each module


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