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Motivating Behaviour Change – April Webinar

Here is the recording for the April webinar. When you are mentoring and coaching understanding how to motivate someone is an important skill to possess. 

Using Contingency Contracting

Why using contingency contracting might improve your client retention rate.

Behaviour Change Webinar

This webinar contains some useful tips and insights to help you with helping clients make a behaviour change.

Good Communication Skills

Improving your communication skills will improve your clients results

Successful Programmes are Evidence Based

Why ensuring you are working from an evidence based standpoint is important for your long-term success.

From Ambivalence to Action

Understanding where your clients are on their change journey.

Have a Word with Yourself.

Your self talk is creating your reality.

Contingency Contracting

What is contingency contracting and how to use it in a weight management programme

Think engagement not sales

Why good client engagement will facilitate the sales process.

Establishing a New Habit

What makes up a habit and how to establish new habits


Are you listening?

Why active listening is a good skill to master.


You can guide but you can’t decide

Why to use a guiding style when coaching clients

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