Why Isn’t My Client Making Progress
A Behavioural Perspective

As a trainer/coach it can be very frustrating when your client isn’t making the progress you would expect. Not only that, but it will also tend to reflect badly on you as well. What can you do to fix this? This FREE webinar will address this problem from both a client and coaches’ perspective.

When working with a client you need to be reasonably sure that your client is ready to change. They may say they are and they have signed up with you, so surely they are ready. My research highlighted that this is not always the case. You need to explore the clients degree of motivation and readiness if the client is going to be successful in achieving the results they desire.

If we are reasonably certain the client is ready to change then the next thing to consider is are you in a position to facilitate the behaviour change. Sometimes when a client is not making progress, part of the problem can be the coach. The second half of the webinar will consider what you need to ensure is in place for the client to be successful.