One to One Trainer / Coach Mentoring

Behaviour Change
To improve your behaviour change skills you can submit videos of you using your MI skills. You will get feedback on your sessions and be given areas to work on for your next assignment.
• Develop reflections in the MI process
• Work on regular self-reflection
• The drama triangle
• Empathy and neutrality
• The ability to elicit change talk
Nutrition Coaching
The nutrition coach Coach mentoring can be used however suits your development best. Do you want a better understanding of nutrition? Perhaps you want to develop some client education around nutrition. Do you need sports specific programming and/or understanding? This can also include any of the following:
• Basic nutritional principals
• Using the L.E.A.N. system
• Sports nutrition
Business Coaching
Are you developing a new business, or do you want to grow your current business? I have worked as a PT in the field for 28 years. I have managed a city centre gym, started a new leisure club from scratch and managed a country club for the Savoy group. Whatever your business requirements I am sure I can help you develop your skills.
• Business planning
• Developing your business
• Marketing

There is currently only one mentoring  slot available.

This allows me to dedicate sufficient time to help each trainer/coach 

develop the skill sets  they require.

Coach mentoring costs:

£150 per month for a 30 min weekly consultation


£80 per month for a 30 min fortnightly consultation