psychometric approach psychology



The new online psychometric testing and behaviour change workshop recordings will teach you how to use psychometric approach psychology to assess your client’s readiness to change. Should you take on this client are they psychologically ready to change? If they are not, you can work with them using the motivational interviewing skills learnt on the Motivational Interviewing  workshop.

As and when the client is ready to change you can now use the tests as a client retention tool as they will highlight and assess your client’s psychological progress. After all, far better to retain a client than try to recruit a new one.

Psychometric testing can be used to test many aspects of the human psyche. Psychometric tests are not a new phenomenon; they have been in use since the early 20th century. They were originally used in educational psychology. The first ‘intelligence test’ was introduced by Alfred Binet in 1905. In my research I used them to test for a client’s readiness to lose weight.

In the first part of the research over 60 UK personal trainers were recruited who had just taken on a client wanting to lose weight and get in shape. I psychologically tested the clients and left the trainers to train their clients how they wished. At the end of twelve (12) weeks I went directly back to these clients and retested them. At this point some clients had stopped using a trainer and some had not lost very much weight. What was interesting was that from the initial data I could predict which clients these would be.

For the second part of the research all trainers tested their new clients but this time they were only allowed to train them if they met an initial score threshold on the psychometric tests. This time around the trainers achieved an 86% success rate with their clients. I have since repeated this research in New Zealand with both Maori and South Pacific islanders and achieved a very similar result (86% success).

Clearly this type of screening improves the outcome for the client. The techniques taught here have been adopted by the Manawatu public health region (NZ) for their weight management programme. The tests themselves assess which stage of change a client is in for weight loss (Stages of Change Model – Prochaska and DiClemente). Decisional Balance (Janis and Mann) and weight loss efficacy (Bandura). Not only will they predict likely client outcomes they can also be used to assess client progress. This is invaluable in terms of improving client retention and assessing how good a job you are doing with the client. It will give you an early heads-up if things are starting to move in the wrong direction. Newly added for this workshop is the physical activity and leisure motivation scale (PALMS) that allows you to assess what is underpinning your client’s motivation to exercise.

The workshop is split into four modules. Each module considers a different aspect of behaviour change and explains psychometric tests associated with these. Whilst watching the modules you will learn how to administer and score all the psychometric tests that Dr Mendoza used in his doctoral research. This research achieved a success rate of 86% with weight management clients.

You will learn the underpinning psychological theories behind the use of these tests as well as other useful techniques to aid with client behaviour change.

You can either complete the psychometric approach psychology tests on paper by downloading them from the website and scoring them yourself or there is the option to complete them online (or do both). You will have the same options on completion of the workshop. You can either give your clients the paper test and score it or offer them the online facility. These can be purchased individually or in bundles for trainers with a number of clients.

On completion of the workshop you can start testing new clients for their readiness to change and assess your current client base to measure their on-going progress.

The four workshop modules run for approximately one hour each and are delivered by Dr Mendoza.

You will be able to download a copy of the workshop manual that also contains all the psychometric tests when you purchase the workshop.

You will get approximately 5 hours of E-learning and you will be able to test current and prospective clients for their readiness to change.